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Visualize workloads across teams with the new Capacity View in Resource Management by Smartsheet

Keeping up with project demand and managing deliverables across all the projects in a portfolio often feels overwhelming – especially when you don’t have visibility into your team’s workload. Resource management software ensures you have a central view of what your people are working on so you can build the best team for the job, monitor capacity, and forecast hiring needs.

Today, we’re excited to introduce a new Capacity View experience on the Schedule in Resource Management by Smartsheet. This view helps organizations instantly monitor capacity and bandwidth across all their teams so that they can better plan and manage their people to keep up with the growing needs of a portfolio.

In the screenshot below, you’ll notice that month by month, you can instantly spot which teams have availability to take on more work (blue cells), which teams are operating over their capacity limit (light red cells), and which teams are in need of support (dark red cells). This quick view gives resource, project, and portfolio managers the insights to make more informed and proactive decisions, from the projects they decide to approve to the teams that require additional headcount, helping to balance the workload of their people and ensure teams can consistently deliver high-quality work.

Clicking on a cell will highlight more information about a given team for a specific month. You’ll see additional information like % allocated, total capacity, hours scheduled, and hours remaining, giving you even further context regarding your team’s capacity. From here, you can select Go to Allocation Heatmap to change assignments or projects on the Schedule. If a change is made, the cells in Capacity View will automatically update, so users are always making decisions based on the most accurate information.


“We know capacity planning is a critical ingredient to help resource managers consistently plan and deliver high-quality work across a portfolio. Today, we not only launch a team-level capacity experience to help users plan, manage, and allocate resources more efficiently, but we also make foundational progress towards our vision for resource management. Big thank you to our private beta customers for guiding us along the way, and to everyone that stopped by the Resource Management booth at ENGAGE to help us improve our product.”

- Rekha Raghu, Sr. Director Product Management - Resource Management by Smartsheet


What’s next for the new Capacity View experience? This new experience makes capacity planning easier than ever, but the team is already hard at work on a few enhancements that will make it even better. Below are some additional improvements you can expect to see soon: Weekly View - With this view, you’ll have the ability to plan, manage, and forecast workloads and bandwidth on a weekly timeline. Modify Labels - This feature enables you to switch between percent, full-time equivalent, and hours to display information that meets your organization's way of planning. Capacity View is available for all organizations with a Resource Management by Smartsheet license.


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