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1. Mute Board for all

We previously posted about the individual mute board capacities, but now mute notifications for all board members is available!

The Problem / Opportunity 🎯

Some boards can create a lot of noise for their subscribers.

"Mute board for me" does not address the full challenge for enterprise users.

These notifications create a lot of noise for the users and prevent them from getting value from other notifications.

Solution 🧩

Allow board owners to mute notifications for all board members.

Users can access the feature through the board notification settings, right below the "mute my notification" section. It is visible to all board members, but can only be used by board owners with the right permissions.

A board member can still edit their notification preferences for the board, as long as the board owner did not mute it.


Board owners are able to mute their boards by default

We created a new "notification setting" permission

  1. Admins can control if members of the account can mute the board for all members

  2. Workspace owners can control if members of the workspace can mute the board for all members

If permitted by the above, board owners only can mute the notifications for all board members

Board status visibility

A muted board will have two indications:

  1. silent icon when hovering over the board's name on the left pane

  2. notification status in the board description

Board is muted - visibility in the left pane:

Board is muted - visibility in the Board Info:


2. New home page for all

During December we will gradually release the homepage we all know and love, to all existing monday users, who today still see the Inbox as their homepage.

The full story

The monday Homepage was released to new users ~1 year ago. and since than we have 10s of thousands of customers enjoying it. However, we have not released it to all existing users and so there are many customers (all those who started their journey in monday more than 1 year ago) who still see the Inbox as their landing and page that appears when they click on the top left monday icon.

These customers do not enjoy the easy navigation and discoverability of monday capabilities (invite users, templates, help, etc...) which is built in to the homepage. This month that will be changed.

Users who will get the homepage, will see a tip-seen that welcomes them to the Homepage. They will be able to dismiss the message and visit the homepage at their own will.

3. Doc Column V2 default templates:

Are you ready for Docs in Files column V2 ?! New options for Docs in file:

  • create Docs in file from account templates

  • Attach existing Docs created in the left pane.

Usage Example:

4. Disable ‘delete and edit options’

The Problem / Opportunity 🎯

Some of our accounts need to follow compliance regulations. For this reason whey won't allow users to edit or delete communication after it is published.

Target Audience / Personas 👫

Specific accounts who who are required to adhere to compliance regulations.

Solution 🧩

Disable the option to delete and edit the following communication - updates, replies, doc comments, comments on assets and updates in the status column.

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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