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1. Textual Search Enhancements

Users can now personalize which columns are relevant for their search.

If the board has more than 10 columns overall (item and subitems columns) all columns will be selected by default.

If the board has less than 10 columns overall, by default the first 9 columns will be selected in the board columns and in the subitems board.

These are the supported columns and value types supported for the board search:

  • Group name

  • Item name

  • Numbers Column

  • Date Column

  • Dropdown Column

  • Text & Long Text Column

  • Email Column

  • People Column

  • Tag Column

  • Phone column

2. Email redesign

System emails are a huge opportunity to help our users better collaborate with their team mates and stay in control of their work assignments.

That’s why we decided to revamp the system emails so that they can be more optimal, more clear and more consistent.

Our Main motivation - allow our users get value at a glance from emails.

Now we have new mail templates for all of our most sent system emails. The new templates have an aligned design, clearer CTA, and more cohesive subject lines. The content of the mail has been re-written so it is comprehensible and follows the Monday guidelines.



Which templates will be included in this release?

  • Update on an item I’m following

  • Personal Assign (including multiple assign)

  • Team assigns (including multiple assign)

  • Reply to my reply

  • Reply to my update

  • Automations custom notification

  • Docs mentions (a new type that currently on release)

  • Subscribe

3. monday.labs permission

Large companies require us to prevent access to monday labs to only specific personas. Admins wish to moderate who can enable the feature in their account.

This feature update is for Administrators or anyone that was granted permission by an account admin. This feature is enabled to the ENT tier only

We introduced a new permission to the account level - "Examine experimental features using monday.labs". The default state of the permission is True in order to maintain backward compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions 🤷‍♂️

  • Is this permission available to all roles? Yes, the permission is available for all types of Roles (Viewer, Guests, Member Admin or any custom created roles)

  • What is the default state of the permission? In order to maintain backward compatibility, the permission default is set to True. An admin can decide to disable the permission to any of the roles.

  • My account is not on an enterprise tier, will the permission affect me? No. Today all users can access monday.labs. Accounts that are not on the enterprise tier won't be able to disable the access to its users.

4. New Dependencies Infra & Flow

Dependencies are core part of project management flow: they are used to define relationships between tasks, enabling effective project planning and schedule management

Our old dependency infrastructure was not as intuitive to users, requiring them to create automations to set up dependency relations, and had some performance issues.

We created a new infra enabling super fast and reliable performance, and providing a foundation for adding more advanced dependency capabilities.

As part of the new infra, we no longer require automations to set up dependencies. Dependencies can be created straight from the dependency column.

The new flow:

  1. User adds dependency column from the column store

  2. Modal opens where users defines the dependency mode and the relevant date/timeline column:

The 2 dependency modes correspond to the 2 previous automation-based options:

  • Flexible (default settings)- same as the 'ensure' automation

  • Strict- same as the 'adjust' automation

Additional changes:

  1. The behavior for the 'flexible'/'ensure' mode →

  • previously, if a task was moved back so that it overlaps with its predecessor, the predecessor would not move, and the task will be adjusted automatically to fall after the predecessor

  • now, if a task is moved back so that it overlaps with its predecessor, the task is moved to where the user selected, and the predecessor is pushed back Purple is old flow, green is new flow:

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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