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1. Burndown- New features and performance improvements

We previously shared about the burndown chart (see past article below), but now we have some additional new features & performance improvements.

As the burndown chart is gaining more and more traffic, we've added several additions in the last few weeks - features & improvements.

Burndown chart by the number of items

Until today the chart was calculated by the sum of Story-point/work days of each task, now the chart can be calculated by the total amount of items in the sprint

Weekends support

Weekends can now be considered as days without sprint progress and the ideal progress (grey line) of the sprint will be adjusted by them.

The weekend definition is taken from the account settings.

Dynamic axis names

Axis names will be taken dynamically from the board.

Charts by item count will use the board item terminology, while sum values will use unit settings of the selected number column (E.x - 40 SP / 30 Days).

Activity log improvements

The activity log button was extracted outside and will toggle the activity log on and off on click.

Added a dynamic sticky date on activity log scrolling

2. Burndown tooltip

As we're keep improving and releasing new features to the burndown, we've decided to increase its discoverability by exposing a tooltip directing users to the sprint's burndown upon sprint start.

When are the users going to see it?

After one click on start-sprint the tooltip will appear under the menu button.

The tooltip will open the sprint's burndown which will help the user to track upon sprint progress

Reasons for the burndown tooltip:

  • Improve exposure to users

  • Make the burndown a unique feature

  • Educate customers

  • Explains about the feature and its purpose.

3. Epic Creation indication

Current state: there is support for creating epics directly from the tasks board. In this case, the users didn't get any indication that the item was created and we got several reports suspecting a bug.

We added support for a tooltip that gives the user an indication that the epic was created

💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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