top of page Weekly Feature Update - Week of November 7th

1. Workforms - reCAPTCHA, Private Forms, Conditional forms in Workforms🤖


Workforms has new form permissions!

Workforms users (from inside the platform or Workforms) can now add a new layer of protection to their forms - reCAPTCHA verification and Private Forms! Just go into the "Publish" tab (previously known as share), at the bottom, you'll see the relevant features:

By turning on reCAPTCHA, any user (in external form) will see it, and the submission will be possible only upon clicking it:

Private forms:

The bottom two options that you see above play together - you can restrict a form to only LOGGED IN users, and redirect those who are not, to your log-in page.

Once they'll be logged in, they'll be redirected back to the form.

We have supported Private Forms feature also on the admin level:

(it's under customization -> features)

Conditional forms:

For now, the status (aka single select) + dropdown (aka multi-select) questions have the ability to include conditions:

The new redesigned questions let the users add/edit/delete options directly from the form.

2. Mirror status aggregation:

Mirror status aggregation is now a whole lot clearer.

We're happy to update you about a new visual addition to mirror status aggregation, providing users with clarity and additional information.

The challenge:

Column mirror status aggregation doesn't contain complete information about the status label from different boards and the board's name.

Until now, users received partial data, resulting in a lack of clarity about the status of connected items.

Goal - create product clarity, allowing users to see complete information about the status labels of connected items(label's name and board name) in mirror status aggregation.


We added the following information:

  • Label's name of all connected items

  • Amount of labels with board's name

3. Request to join team

Users are now able to request to join team by one click.


Until now users needed to communicate outside monday (using Slack, emails, etc.) to ask other team members or administrators for adding them to relevant teams. It was inconvenient and error-prone.


Users who want to join any given team, now can click the ‘Request to join’ button on the team page.

The same button is available on team card - i.e. in popup shown after hovering over team mentions.

Other team members with ‘Add/Remove members from teams’ permission enabled, can approve or decline join requests to teams that they already belong directly from team page.

Administrators with ‘Add/Remove members from teams’ permission enabled, can approve all team join requests in an account.

No need to ping permitted approvers using Slack or email! They are automatically notified by monday notifications (and soon also via email). Notification goes to up to 5 team members, or to account administrators, if no member has permission to approve in the requested team. Clicking the notification brings you directly to team page, where you can immediately take your decision.

If requesters change their mind, they can easily cancel their request by clicking Cancel request button on team page or team card.

You always request to join as a direct team member. For example, if you are a member of a subteam, you can still request to join the parent team.

4. Multi-part direct file upload updates:

We are glad to inform you that the Multi-part direct file upload is open for ALL users.

The product team implemented a 3-month project that made uploading videos a lot easier on our system, reducing the load which equals better performance.


Last three months we've tested the feature, performed additional changes/bug fixes, and added Infra level settings. These changes will reduce the load on our servers. It saves a lot of our servers' capacity and makes the Upload File Process quick and stable. Next steps:

We are currently working on increasing the limits of the size of uploaded files 📈.


💡 Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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